Dreamfall Modding

This page provides a collection of tools for Dreamfall. Since I haven't kept track of these things for two years the given downloads might be outdated and incomplete. So if you know tools not listed here or know newer version let me know.

This page is not the authoritative page for these tools, but instead meant as a backup in case the original download links disappear.


Dftoolbox Screenshot 1 Dftoolbox Screenshot 2

DFToolBox is a viewer and extractor for the .pak files that contain Dreamfalls data (textures, dialog, scripts, etc.).


  • export files from .pak
  • view textures
  • listen to music
  • listen to dialog
  • look into script files

Available for Windows and Linux.



DFModTool Screenshot 1 DFModTool Screenshot 2 DFModTool allows you to manage modification for Dreamfall, more precisly it allows you to replace files inside the .pak archives of Dreamfall.


  • display a little description and picture for each modification
  • select/deselect modifications
  • install and uninstall modifications
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DFModTool is part of DFToolBox.


DreamView Screenshot 1 DreamView Screenshot 2

DreamView is a viewer for the 3D models and animations from Dreamfall.


  • browse through 3D models
  • display 3D models and allow to fly through them
  • export 3D models to DirectX, Milkshape or HalfLife2
  • import 3D models into the game


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